Barcelona - Thursday 22 October

Barcelona Programme Timetable Map SS1 Barcelona

For the second year in a row the RallyRACC stages the first special stage of the Rally in Barcelona, bringing the spectacularity of the World Rally Championship closer to the citizens.

The layout of this special stage runs along the lower part of the Montjuïc mountain, with start and finish in Avenida María Cristina, and following the roads around the exhibition centre, the Mies Van der Rohe pavilion, the Font Mágica and Marqués de Foronda squares, the Italy pavilion and Avenida Rius i Taulet.

It is a route of approx. 1.6 km that has to be covered twice, making up a total of 3.2 km.

The vehicles will be fitted with gravel specifications (suspensions and tyres).

Rallycars will be arriving at Plaza España, next to the Venetian Towers, from 2:00 p.m. Right after their arrival, each of the participants will make two laps around the stage at a moderate speed, to take the respective notes, after which the cars will be considered under parc fermé conditions.

After several promotional events (signing autographs and pictures), official events (FIA press conference) and the exhibition of historic rally cars (05:00 p.m.), the first car will start from Avenida María Cristina at 06:08 p.m. to cover two laps around the asphalted circuit.