This procedure is MANDATORY for all organization crews, teams, officials, media representatives and all other sport-related attendees attending RallyRACC Catalunya Costa Daurada 2021.

The procedure described below applies to the individuals listed by the Stakeholders as their members, and is not applicable to spectators or any individuals not authorized by the Stakeholders.


All passengers arriving in Spain by air or sea, including those arriving in transit to other countries, must complete a Health Control Form before departure and obtain their QR to present it at boarding and at health controls on arrival in Spain:

By air: via the website or the Spain Travel Health -SpTH- application (Android, iOS).

By sea (ferries): through the web

Check, in order to fill in the Health Control Form, if your country of departure is on the list of risk countries/areas.

If you come from abroad, you must first check if you can travel to Spain by checking through the Spanish Ministry of Health’s website in the section Entry requirements for entry in Spain from third countries

Health control form and accepted certificates to enter to Spain:

All persons travelling to Spain from another country (including children of any age, travelers in transit, and residents in Spain returning home), must complete the Health Control Form associated with their trip.

When travelling by air, this can be done via WEB or the APP, Spain Travel Health-SpTH (available for Android and iOS) . When travelling by sea (ferries), this can be done through the following link:

Once you’ve completed the form, you will get a QR code that you will have to present both at the time of boarding and upon your arrival to Spain at the health controls.

At the present time it is not mandatory to present any form if the trip to Spain is by land.

Additional requirements: EU Digital COVID Certificate and other certificates

From June 7th 2021, if you come from a country/area considered at risk for COVID-19, you must present a certificate or document certifying vaccination, an active infection diagnostic test (AIDT) or recovery from COVID-19. These certificates will be different if they have been issued in a country of the European Union (EU Digital COVID Certificate) or in a third country.

EU Digital COVID Certificate

On 17 March 2021, the European Commission adopted a legislative proposal to create a digital certificate to facilitate the safe free movement of citizens in the EU during the COVID-19 pandemic. The EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) will be valid in all EU Member States and will be issued by the competent authorities of the EU countries.

There are 3 types of EU Digital COVID Certificate may (vaccination, diagnostic test or recovery), and any of them may be used by travelers to enter Spain, if they meet the following criteria:

Other certificates

Passengers from third countries who meet the requirements to enter Spain (see section "Entry requirements for entry in Spain from third countries"), may travel by presenting any of the following certificates, as long as they meet the same conditions as the EU Digital COVID Certificate:

For people coming directly in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in addition to the vaccination certificate, diagnostic certificates of NAAT tests (nucleic acid amplification tests, e.g.: RT-PCR, RT-LAMP, TMA, HAD, NEAR, CRISPR, SDA,etc.) will also be considered valid.

Until the EU Digital Covid Certificate regulations are in force, member states citizens may continue to submit other vaccination/diagnostic test/recovery certificates.

The date from which it will be mandatory to present an EU-CCD to travel will be indicated in the aforementioned Regulation once it is published in the Official Journal of the European Union.


If you have the document already while filling in the form, you can upload it at the self-declaration form. If not, then the document can be sent to The document should be uploaded or sent as well as carried along at the entry point to Spain.


Only individuals who have uploaded Proof of vaccination, Proof of Recovery or PCR certificate with negative result for coronavirus in testing laboratories within 96 hours before entering the High Density Area (Rally RC, Service Park) or HDA Press Room for the first time will be accredited for the event. All these documents must be at least in English or Spanish.

NO ACCESS to the HD Area will be granted without the individual wristband issued by the Organizer. The wristband is personal and there is no option to grant access to additional guests or sub-contractors. If the person is not on the Stakeholder list, the person will not have any access to the HD Area.


SUNDAY 10 OCT. 202110.00 - 13.00hrs / 15.00 - 18.00hrs
MONDAY 11 OCT. 202109.30 - 13.00hrs / 15.00 - 20.00hrs
TUESDAY 12 OCT. 202109.00 - 13.00hrs / 14.00 - 20.00hrs
WEDNESDAY 13 OCT. 202108.00 - 20.00hrs
THURSDAY 14 OCT. 202108.00 - 20.00hrs
FRIDAY 15 OCT 202108.00 - 14.00hrs / 16.00 - 20.00hrs
SATURDAY 16 OCT. 202109.00 - 13.00hrs / 14.00 - 18.00hrs
SUNDAY 17 OCT. 202109.00 - 16.00hrs

COVID-19 Testing Services

RallyRACC Catalunya-Costa Daurada will make available to all people who need a COVID-19 Testing services during the week of the rally, facilities in front of the Convention Center of Port Aventura - Rally HQ, and a laboratory in the town of Reus (close to Salou).

For more information on locations, times, prices and time booking, use this link

Health precautions

Medical masks are mandatory in all High Density Areas (HDAs). The members of the participating teams, when they are working on the vehicles in their own service area, can work without the use of a mask at those specified times.

If you have ANY symptoms at any time, please follow these instructions:

Regulatory documents to be followed


1. FIA Covered Event Attendee List
The Team manager/Representative has to send the fulfilled file to: and before 10.10.2021 by 09.00 (08.00 CET).

2. FIA Stakeholder commitment Form

  1. If you have already taken part to a FIA rally and you have already signed the FIA Stakeholder commitment Form, you can skip this point.
  2. If RallyRACC Catalunya Costa Daurada 2021 is your first FIA rally, the team manager/representative must download the Stakeholder commitment, print, sign, scan and send it to and

3. Attendee Commitment to app. S

  1. If you have already taken part in a FIA rally, the team manager / representative has to sent to and only the forms relating to new team members that have not signed the Attendee commitment yet;
  2. If RallyRACC Catalunya Costa Daurada 2021 is your first FIA rally, each team member must download the form, print, sign and scan it. The team manager / representative will gather all the forms and send them by email to and

4. Self Declaration Form
This form must be fulfilled by everyone who is attending to RallyRACC Catalunya Costa Daurada 2021 and has been included in one of the stakeholders’ "FIA Covered Attendee list".


High-Density and Low-Density Areas

All event sites are categorized as either High-Density Areas (HDA) or Low-Density Areas (LDA), effective from 12th October 2021 at 8 am hrs. All personnel at the event are authorized to either of these areas and can only visit their designated sites and only interact with persons with the same designation.

Each participant is also responsible for following the Authorities’ and the Organizers’ COVID-19 protocols and recommendations in their spare time, i.e. staying within their pod/designated group when in accommodations, eating in designated dining areas, using medical masks, keeping social distance and disinfecting/washing hands regularly.