SS 3/SS 6 • Pesells

26,59 km (gravel)
Friday, 24 October 2014 • First car due: 08:58h and 14:19h

General description

Especially difficult gravel stage, with different areas to watch the cars and quite easy to reach. Excellent surface, almost completely covered with a thin gravel layer that puts the driver's ability to the test. Fast but often including slow linked bends. There are a few short asphalted sections in certain rising areas and even Armco barriers along the most complicated bends. A true world championship special!

Spectator Area ZP-1

Long and fast bends with gravel and little visibility due to vegetation in the inside.

Access: From Bot, following T-334 (KP 10.10), take the gravel track heading for Caseres until reaching the junction.

Services: On the access track, but avoiding to block the passage of other spectators.

– Assessment: Location    – Visibility    – Spectacularity

Spectator Area ZP-2

Fast gravel section with excellent surface, zigzagging and medium-radius bends after this point.

Access: The stage runs along the Algars river and the Arenys de Lledó village, which can be reached following TV-3341 road from Horta de Sant Joan. The river is the natural border between Catalonia (stage) and Aragon (village).

Services: Car park in the village of Arenys de Lledó (very close to the SS)

– Assessment: Location    – Visibility    – Spectacularity

Spectator Area ZP-3

Fast gravel section, with a narrow intersection on a bumpy surface.

Access: Stage area almost identical to the ZP-2 area, though approx. 1 km away.

Services: Car park at the exit from the built-up area of Arenys de Lledó (very close to the SS)

– Assessment: Location    – Visibility    – Spectacularity

Spectator Area ZP-4

Slow intersection on asphalt, turning 90º to the right (T-shaped). After a very very fast and narrow section, the cars arrive at a junction slightly going upwards where they have to brake but at the same time make use of the whole width, giving rise to spectacular skids.

Access: From the village of Caseres, following the local road TV-3344 heading for Castell de Mudèfer.

Services: The cars must be left on the access road to the stage, always considering that the space has to be shared with the rest of spectators.

– Assessment: Location    – Visibility    – Spectacularity

Spectator Area ZP-5

Timed gravel section; junction of several tracks coming from the wind farm. Left-right turn on a light brow with a lot of dust but, due to its location, it will be possible to control the time differences that this long special will surely provide for.

Access: From kp 791.6 of N-420 road follow the track to the wind farm and continue about 2 km to reach the described junction.

Services: Easy parking area along the stage access track.

– Assessment: Location    – Visibility    – Spectacularity

Spectator Area ZP-6

A very interesting place as there is a strong braking point on gravel to challenge a closed angle to the left on dirty asphalt, located exactly 100 metres before the finish.

Walking from Bot.

Services: In the village of Bot, or easily inside the soccer field of the village, the latter being located exactly 700 metres from the bend.

– Assessment: Location    – Visibility    – Spectacularity