SS 10/SS 12 • Colldejou

26.48 km (asphalt)
Saturday, 25 October 2014 • First car due: 11:14h and 15:39h

General description

One of the classic stages of the area, very technical and with pace changes. A few years ago it was run in both directions and in the last edition it was raced in the same direction as this year, i.e. starting in La Torre de Fontaubella and finishing almost in Coll de Fatxes at the intersection with C-44. It is a special with three clearly different sections. Despite having good asphalt surface along the whole stage, the central part is narrower and bumpier than the other two. From the start until after Colldejou, the bends demand for good race lines and strong braking. Then, the road changes at the junction following a secondary road until Pratdip, which is narrower, bumpier and with cemented areas. Last but not least, from this village until Coll de Fatxes, the road almost returns to its initial width, with a large technical uphill section that includes several pace changes

Spectator Area ZP-1

A spectator area with difficult access, provided that you don't get a place at Torre de Fontaubella, as it is located right after the built-up area following T-322. The stage starts with long bends with good visibility

Access: Difficult. Once on N-420 (Reus-Falset), take TV-3223. At KM 849 you will find the junction that leads to Pradell de la Teixeta, a very narrow passage, and therefore the vehicle access will be closed at midnight. If you decide to get to this point, we recommend accessing from TV-3001 coming from Marçà. Not recommendable if not accessed the night before.

Services: Cars must necessarily be parked in La Torre de Fontaubella.

– Assessment: Location    – Visibility    – Spectacularity

Spectator Area ZP-2

The main interest in this area is the junction of T-322 with the secondary road that leads to Pratdip. It offers good visibility and location.

Access: From Montroig del Camp (easy access from AP-7, exit 37 or 38), take T-322 to Colldejou and continue around 8 km to get to the mentioned junction.

Services: Limited car parking on the T-322 that leads to the stage. There is an excellent camping area in Colldejou, although in this case it is necessary to get there before midnight.

– Assessment: Location    – Visibility    – Spectacularity

Spectator Area ZP-3

It is a large area around Pratdip. The main interest is the junction of the secondary road coming from Colldejou and T-310. As it is a large spectator area, there are spaces offering good location and visibility.

Access: After leaving AP-7 (exit 38, L’Hospitalet de l’Infant) continue 6 km on T-310 to get to Pratdip.

Limited car parking on T-310. There is a camping site in the built-up area of Pratdip.

– Assessment: Location    – Visibility    – Spectacularity

Spectator Area ZP-4

Fast section with bends in front of the Santa Marina chapel, with good visibility, a large camping site and leisure area, a perfect place to watch the rally...but arriving before midnight and without a chance to move from there.

Access: Difficult and only following the same road (T-311) of the stage, at Coll de Fatxes, but only before Friday 25 midnight.

Services: As already mentioned, excellent, with enough parking space, as well as camping and leisure areas.

– Assessment: Location    – Visibility    – Spectacularity