Final assessment by Aman Barfull, Clerk of the Course of the 50 RallyRACC


As every year, when it is time to make a general assessment, Aman Barfull Clerk of the Course of the RallyRACC, responsible for the Sports Area of the RACC and President of the FIA Rally Commission, confirms in collective terms, what everybody experienced at a personal level:  the 2014 RallyRACC has been extraordinary, a worthy link in this prestigious chain of successful events.

"The satisfaction that we are lucky enough to be able to feel every year, has reached an almost unmatchable level this year. From the organizational perspective, the 50th RallyRACC has been a huge success, I would say an exceptional event, and with the inclusion of the Barcelona stage, it went even beyond, it became spectacular.

In 2013, after the second year in which Barcelona had given us valuable repercussion with which we started a new era as regards the media aspect of the event, we saw clearly that the way to follow was to get the rally closer to the citizens. Spectators have always been in our sights in recent years, and I think that this time we hit the bulls-eye.

The essential complicity of the Barcelona City Council, unblocking a situation that did not allow motor sport events to be staged in the city, has been an effort that was not only worth it; it also showed that the venue is fully valid for it, always provided that the suitable safety measures are in place. I would also like to highlight the effort made by Televisió de Catalunya, to place us at the same level of the best races in the world. More than 100 countries broadcasted the images produced by TV3, with a technical and logistic involvement that has proven the great possibilities offered by our home broadcaster.

And we shouldnt forget that we also staged the urban special in Salou again. It had been a challenge at first, but it has now become a usual part of our event.  The comments made by the FIA, teams, drivers and, obviously, the fans, show us that these two urban specials have already become part of the mixed personality of our race. This 50th edition will enter the books of history because of the figure, but also because of the exceptional compendium of sports, organisation and repercussion.

The great work done by the Barcelona City Council and TV3 should, however, not hide the huge collaboration by all of the other institutions, especially Costa Daurada, Salou, PortAventura and all of the town councils that contributed with their involvement to turn our world championship event into such a huge success. This has been the tenth year in a row in which the nerve centre of the rally was located in the Costa Daurada. Clubs, volunteers and fans, are also part of this collective success.

Lets enjoy the moment. Sometimes you are not really aware of the milestones achieved, but the RallyRACC, as a top level sports event, the innovation of including two urban stages, one of them in Montjuïc, and all of the activities carried out to celebrate the 50 editions of the race, are something that will probably be valued even more as time goes by.

Last but not least, I would like to pay tribute to the pioneers, to all those who decided to organise the Volta a Catalunya in 1916 and to those who took up the event again in 1954, leading to the creation of the Rally Catalunya in 1957. It is something really unusual that our dear president, Sebastià Salvadó, joined by Guillermo Bas, is the winner of that very first edition. He is who shows best that history must be preserved, and that the path we are following now will also be judged by those who will follow us. 

I am sure, as sure as all of those who work at the RACC, that we are honouring the path marked by so many people in so many years of the Rally Catalunya. Thank you and congratulations everyone!"