Friday arrives with the difficult mixed stage


One of the most important changes included in the itinerary of the 50 RallyRACC, compared to the previous edition, is that the first complete race day will start with the mixed stages instead of the usual start on asphalt; three already known stages that will stand out due to their strong character and difficulty:

They are Gandesa (7 km) and Pesells (26.59 km), two specials completely run on gravel that were key for the final result in previous editions, and the mixed Terra Alta (35.68 km), which has become famous due to its difficulty and the changing surfaces. The stages will be covered twice, separated by an intermediate service. The fact of starting on gravel will be a hard challenge for drivers and machines, as already witnessed in previous editions.

07:00h - PortAventura (Service Park): Start of the 1st participant and service (15)
             3 special stages on gravel (69.27 km) 
11:46h - PortAventura (Service Park): Regrouping (20) and service (30)
             3 special stages on gravel (69.27 km) 
17:12h - PortAventura (Service Park): Regrouping (10) and service (1h15)

Tomorrow the race will return to asphalt, with the star stage "Escaladei", 50 km, number that corresponds to the number of the RallyRACC edition.